Saturday, April 07, 2007

Is Someone Looking For Me?

How do you tell if someone may be looking for you? With Last I Saw You it is quite easy.

After logging in, go to the Search screen by clicking on the "Search!" button. Now, fill in any of the search fields you want except for "I am looking for" section.

In the "My Name Is" section you can start by putting in just your last name, or just your first name. Or, you could put something in the "Keywords", such as the name of the place common to who might be looking for you, or the name of an event.

For example, to see any messages relating to "superbowl", or "woodstock", try putting these in the Keywords section. Or your hometown, or school, or a previous employer.

The important thing to remember is to not put anything in the "I am looking for" section. That is what you use when you are looking for someone, rather than "who is looking for me?".

Of course, the more messages you leave (which are anonymous if you leave out your name) the better chance others have of finding you.

Happy searching!

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