Friday, November 10, 2006

Names not necessary!

Finding people you knew (or leaving a message so they can find you) when you don't know their name (or full name) is not a problem with Last I Saw You. Simply use time, place, and make use the of the Keywords.

For example, say I wanted to leave a message for someone and knew him only as 'Dave'. We had done some mountain biking in Moab, Utah back in the '90s.

I would add a new message and select the date range, Country of 'USA', State of 'Utah', and would type 'Moab' in the City field. In Keywords I could put 'mountain biking'. Since I know Dave's first name I could put it in the First Name field for 'Person I am Looking For', but this is not necessary.

Now, when Dave does a search for anyone he mountain biked with in Moab, Utah in the '90s, my message will pop up!


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