Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Last I Saw You is released

Finding someone you have lost track of, even using the internet, is not always easy. And it may cost you money you don't have or want to spend.

On the flip side, the person looking for you may have the same issues.

Add to this the fact names change (or you may not know their name), you didn't go to school with them (so sites like may not help), you don't know their age and don't want to pay (such as with and others) -- a new site seemed necessary.

Last I Saw You allows you to leave information about yourself and the person you are looking for, indefinitely. The person you wish to reconnect with can search for you, and if they leave a message on the site you can search for them. You can search by any combination of names, place, time, relationship, or something particular to the last time you saw them.

Think of it as an electronic-message-in-a-bottle, just waiting to be picked up and read.


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